Life Coach Working From Home

Many people dream about being able to work from home. They think about the advantages of eliminating commute time, saving money on gas, and being available to better meet family needs. One of the big advantages of becoming a life coach is all the flexibility it provides in terms of working hours and location. What most people don't stop to consider, though, are the challenges of working from home. These include a sense of isolation, fewer chances to interact with others, distractions such as children or pets, and the importance of maintaining a structured schedule. There are some things you should consider carefully before you become a life coach and rush right in to making the change to work from home. You need to find out – do you have what it takes to work from home? Physical Requirements to Work from Home There are some basic physical requirements needed to work from home. Your needs will vary somewhat depending on your profession (an architect needs a lot of drawing … [Read more...]