7 Ways Life Coaches Help Their Clients

If you are considering becoming a life coach, you may be wondering exactly what benefits coaching provides to potential clients. Here are 7 ways that life coaching helps clients: 1) Attentive Listening - Believe it or not, one of the most profound ways in which you can help clients as a life coach is by listening attentively and emphatically to what the client is saying. Human beings have a deep need to feel understood. We want others to acknowledge our experience and what we are going through. By offering a sympathetic and attentive ear, you allow your clients to express their thoughts, feelings, wants and desires. As a coach, this is very easy to do, but it's also extremely valuable to clients, because by verbalizing and talking about their thinking, they become much more aware of it in ways they may never have been before. As you listen to the client, you can help them continue to explore these ideas from different perspectives that they may not have even have considered … [Read more...]