Public Speaking Tips for Life Coaches

If you are thinking about becoming a life coach, then you may want to start honing your public speaking skills, because it can be a very effective marketing strategy for life coaches. If you think about it, public speaking is a really weird thing. Look at it – you’re talking, in public. What on earth could be so hard, right? Yet many people are nervous, even afraid, of public speaking. Even big, tough professional football players get really nervous about this. Remember, these guys go out and get hit by other big, tough players who aim to hit hard and cause pain. The Carolina Panthers’ coach decided that each week, one of his star players should give a rousing pep talk to the team right before the game starts. One of the players was recently quoted saying that he was more nervous about the brief public speaking gig than he was about the whole game! What is it about public speaking that makes people want to faint, run away, or worse? It’s the spotlight factor – when you’re up … [Read more...]