Using Networking To Build Your Life Coaching Business

Networking is an important aspect of building your life coaching business. Why? Think about it. Which do you believe more when you're looking for a service or product: the ads you see in the media, or a personal recommendation? Consider how often you recommend a store, a movie, or a book to a friend. How many times have you gone to a restaurant because someone you know had a fabulous meal there? We all do it, every day. Professional networking operates the same way, by word of mouth. You provide leads and referrals to other businesses, and they do the same for you. Everyone wins. So how do you become a successful networker? Here are some basic networking tips to help you build your practice once you become a life coach: 1. Join the local Chamber of Commerce, a networking group, or a civic association. After a few meetings, yours will be a familiar face and more and more people will begin to know you and your business. Volunteer to be a greeter at a group function. You'll … [Read more...]

Pros You Need To Know When You Become A Life Coach

One of the things that may attract you to the idea of becoming a life coach is that you can be your own boss working from home – no boss, no commute, no sitting behind a desk in a little cubicle. You’re your own boss. You say when the shop’s open. You say when you eat lunch, what you wear to work, when you get to take a vacation. You work for yourself – but don’t make the mistake of working by yourself, too. There are so many angles to cover in running a life coaching business that your head might spin just thinking about them: legal, accounting, finance, marketing, sales, bookkeeping, website development, copywriting, advertising, and personnel, just to name a few. Unless you’re a thousand years old, and hold advanced degrees in every one of these areas, you need a team. You see, the old saying about being a “jack of all trades, and master of none” holds true for business owners, too. With the internet, you could probably figure out how to do many of the tasks necessary in all of … [Read more...]