Using Networking To Build Your Life Coaching Business

Networking is an important aspect of building your life coaching business. Why? Think about it. Which do you believe more when you're looking for a service or product: the ads you see in the media, or a personal recommendation? Consider how often you recommend a store, a movie, or a book to a friend. How many times have you gone to a restaurant because someone you know had a fabulous meal there? We all do it, every day. Professional networking operates the same way, by word of mouth. You provide leads and referrals to other businesses, and they do the same for you. Everyone wins. So how do you become a successful networker? Here are some basic networking tips to help you build your practice once you become a life coach: 1. Join the local Chamber of Commerce, a networking group, or a civic association. After a few meetings, yours will be a familiar face and more and more people will begin to know you and your business. Volunteer to be a greeter at a group function. You'll … [Read more...]

Public Speaking Tips for Life Coaches

If you are thinking about becoming a life coach, then you may want to start honing your public speaking skills, because it can be a very effective marketing strategy for life coaches. If you think about it, public speaking is a really weird thing. Look at it – you’re talking, in public. What on earth could be so hard, right? Yet many people are nervous, even afraid, of public speaking. Even big, tough professional football players get really nervous about this. Remember, these guys go out and get hit by other big, tough players who aim to hit hard and cause pain. The Carolina Panthers’ coach decided that each week, one of his star players should give a rousing pep talk to the team right before the game starts. One of the players was recently quoted saying that he was more nervous about the brief public speaking gig than he was about the whole game! What is it about public speaking that makes people want to faint, run away, or worse? It’s the spotlight factor – when you’re up … [Read more...]

7 Tips For Better Networking

When you become a life coach, you'll quickly realize that networking is a very important part of being a coach. While it's true that everyone networks to one degree or another, some people are much better at it because they understand the right way to network. They know how to make themselves stand out from the crowd and how to make the most of their networking opportunities. Here are 7 simple, practical networking tips for life coaches: 1. Target the individuals who best suit your needs The goal of networking is not to amass as many business cards as possible. Instead, your goal should be to connect with those people who are in the position to truly aid you in your life coaching business. To put it bluntly, networking with individuals who won’t ultimately provide you with valuable leads (either client leads or partner leads) is a waste of your time. Spend your time building relationships with individuals to whom you can offer opportunities and who will, in turn, offer you … [Read more...]