About Us

Welcome to Become A Life Coach Now! Our goal is to provide resources, tools, tips and advice to help you become a life coach.

Why Become A Life Coach Now?

Become A Life Coach Now is a hub for all the information you need to become a life coach. Whether you are just thinking about becoming a life coach or have already decided to become a coach and are looking for resources to help you get started, we want to make your life easier and guide you on your journey.

There is now a high demand for coaching in the U.S. and the field is growing rapidly. As more and more people recognize the value of having a coach, demand is likely to continue. There are many opportunities for people who want to enter the coaching field or become a life coach.

We realize that many people who are interested in becoming a life coach may not know exactly what’s required, how to get started, what kind of training you need, and what to do after you become a life coach.

Additionally, some coaches who may already have some training may want to get additional training to build their practice and get coaching clients.

This is why we created Become A Life Coach Now, to serve as your resource and guide in this exciting industry.

What’s Unique About Become A Life Coach Now?

There is lots of information on the Internet about how to become a life coach, however many websites are not particularly user friendly, and some only have limited information and resources. In many cases, you don’t even know where to begin and you can leave more confused than when you started.

Our mission is to make things as simple and practical as possible and provide all the information you need to decide if you want to become a life coach, and if you do, help you take the steps you need to take to get started, get the training you need, and develop a successful and profitable coaching practice.