7 Ways Life Coaches Help Their Clients

If you are considering becoming a life coach, you may be wondering exactly what benefits coaching provides to potential clients. Here are 7 ways that life coaching helps clients:

1) Attentive Listening – Believe it or not, one of the most profound ways in which you can help clients as a life coach is by listening attentively and emphatically to what the client is saying. Human beings have a deep need to feel understood. We want others to acknowledge our experience and what we are going through. By offering a sympathetic and attentive ear, you allow your clients to express their thoughts, feelings, wants and desires.

As a coach, this is very easy to do, but it’s also extremely valuable to clients, because by verbalizing and talking about their thinking, they become much more aware of it in ways they may never have been before.

As you listen to the client, you can help them continue to explore these ideas from different perspectives that they may not have even have considered before.

2) Gaining clarity – Mark Twain cleverly said, “I can teach anyone how to get what they want out of life… the problem is I can’t find anyone who can tell me what they want!”  As a life coach, one of your most valuable contributions is to help clients figure out and get totally clear about what they want. What they want to accomplish, what they want to do, who they want to be, how they want to live.

3) Accountability and support – Coaches help clients by providing them with the accountability and support they need to take action, execute plans and perform at their best. Without taking action, nothing gets accomplished. Part of accountability and support includes helping clients see and become aware of negative patterns and counterproductive behaviors so they can do something about them.

4) Progress and validation – As a life coach, one of your tasks is to help clients realize and see the progress they are making. To help them acknowledge what they’ve accomplished and how far they’ve come. This serves as a motivational fuel to help them keep going.

5) Brainstorming – Great life coaches provide a safe and empowering environment for clients to explore new ideas and possibilities, think outside the box and develop creative solutions to problems and challenges.

6) Guidance – When the client encounters a particularly difficult challenge, or is facing a big decision, or seems unclear on how to proceed, a good life coach can point out different options, provide new perspectives and insights, teach new skills or concepts, and offer alternate strategies. The ultimate goal of coaching is to support and encourage the client in coming up with their own strategies and solutions, but coaching can also involve teaching in certain situations.

7) Challenge/Motivation – A good life coach will also challenge and motivate clients to stretch beyond their perceived limitations, try new approaches and break through barriers that may be holding the client back.

These are just some of the ways you can help clients as a life coach. The coaching relationship by itself is often very beneficial to the client and can help them achieve more than they would without it.

Many clients report the following benefits after working with a life coach:

  • They are more clear about their goals and how to achieve them
  • Their life has improved (some specific areas or overall)
  • They get specific goals, projects, activities or tasks done
  • They perform better at their jobs
  • They develop new skills and knowledge
  • They become more confident and feel better about themselves
  • They achieve better work/life balance
  • They are more aware of their patterns, beliefs and behavior

As you can see, there are MANY ways in which you can help your clients after becoming a life coach.


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