5 Qualities of a Great Life Coach

Many of us are just called to coaching. But others are still trying to figure out if coaching will be a good fit for them. Many coaches have an eerie way of seeing other peoples perspectives and being able to help facilitate action and clarity in others.

After being a life coach, and working with other coaches for many years now, I’ve noticed some common traits that are pretty universal among the best life coaches out there. See if any of these qualities seem to fit you:

  • Empathy
  • Great Listener
  • Insight
  • Experience
  • Authenticity

Let me briefly discuss each one.

1) Empathy – Empathy is the ability to share someone’s experience without having gone through the experience yourself. Someone who doesn’t have much empathy doesn’t communicate or connect very well with people. As a coach, it’s a huge asset to be able to empathize with your client even if you haven’t experienced exactly what they are going through personally.

2) Great Listener – Listening is foundational to coaching. Many of us have plenty to teach, and there can be a component of teaching in a coaching experience. But if you are not able to become still, pay attention and really listen, you will have a hard time as a coach.

3) Insight – Insight is about discerning the true nature of a situation and being able to see patterns. Our clients are going to have many complex things going on in their lives, careers, and relationships. A strong ability to have insight into what they are dealing with is important for effective coaching.

4) Experience – It’s helpful if a life coach has “been there” to some degree. Depending on what you’re coaching on, experience can really be a bonus. Having an interest in learning about things like psychology and economics aren’t necessary, but being worldly and experienced never hurts a coach.

5) Authenticity – It is paramount that the coach be transparent and authentic. Without this the foundation of trust begins to erode. Don’t pretend to be what you’re not. Don’t pretend you have experience you don’t. Just learn to be who you are in the moment, helping someone else be more of who they are. Ultimately that’s what coaching is all about.

Life coaching is a powerful trade, amazingly rewarding and can be very profitable. If you have these qualities, you could decide to become a life coach and end up being great at it.